Dave Mattson, CEO at Sandler on Building a Kick-Ass Sales Team

March 3, 2019

Sandler Training (@SandlerTraining) named Dave Mattson (@Dave_Mattson) its CEO in 2007. During his years as CEO, revenue from the company’s Global Accounts Division has increased by 53 percent, international revenue by more than 145 percent and total company revenue by 35 percent. Business remained stable through the recent recession and, in fact, experienced an increased profit margin.

Dave Mattson oversees the corporate direction and strategy for the company’s worldwide network of operations including sales, marketing, consulting, alliances and support. His key areas of focus are sales leadership, strategy and client satisfaction.

Under Mattson's leadership, the Sandler organization expanded domestically and internationally to over 250 offices in 32 countries around the world. He added numerous program offerings to Sandler’s training portfolio, including Enterprise Selling, Leadership, and Customer Service programs, along with Sandler Certification, the first measurable, skills-based sales certification in the industry.

Podcast Highlights

  • Always be authentic
  • Exceptional salespeople connect the what with the why
  • Meet your customers where they are

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Ryan O’Neil on Re-imagining The Real Estate Industry

February 13, 2019

Ryan and I discuss what we could do differently to make new realtors successful faster. And strategies to reduce the number of realtors that quit the business because it was a lot harder than they thought.

Ryan O'Neil shares how he built a team that will do over $439M in real estate in 2018. Ryan knows his success is a result of building a great brand, a solid reputation, and a ton of goodwill with all of his agents and client base.

The youngest of five O’Neill siblings, Ryan grew up in New Prague, Minnesota and went on to graduate from the University of Notre Dame in 1997. As the founder and leader of The Minnesota Real Estate Team, Ryan began his real estate career in 2003 with an emphasis on investment property. Over the years, Ryan is honored to have worked with so many outstanding clients from around the entire Twin Cities area in all types of real estate transactions. And currently, as the Broker and Sales Manager for the team, Ryan enjoys working with team members to ensure each and every client has a positive and successful experience when working with The Minnesota Real Estate Team. Ryan is also half of the piano playing duo, “The O’Neill Brothers.” Ryan, his wife Kathy, and dog Pokey live in the Bloomington area.

Podcast Highlights

  • Realtors need to have passion if they want to last in this business
  • All successful realtors have a strong work ethic
  • Realtors need to be open to coaching, listening, and feedback 

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Vlad Kats, CEO Five Doors - Focus on Production

February 3, 2019

Vlad Kats is the CEO of Five Doors Network, the leading expansion team of the largest real estate company in the world, Keller Williams.

Five Doors Network's vision is to create, build, and protect generational wealth for families through real estate by leveraging superior talent, proven systems & models, and revolutionary technology.

Prior to joining Five Doors, Vlad had an extremely successful career at Keller Williams, starting as a top-producing agent and assumed the role of Team Leader (CEO) of the newly-launched Keller Williams Legacy in 2014. Under his leadership, the Legacy Market Center grew from 59 associates to over 400 in less than three years— becoming the fastest-growing real estate office in the nation and the number one real estate office by size, units, and volume in the Baltimore Metro Area.

Prior to his career in real estate, Mr. Kats was an economist for a major U.S. Government Agency, a small business owner and an adjunct professor of Management. He holds a degree in Economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland in College Park. Mr. Kats is also an active participant in programs designed by Landmark Worldwide.

Podcast Highlights

  • Focus on production
  • We are here to make a difference 
  • Embrace technology that augments realtor performance

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Bob Lucido Built The #1 Real Estate Team In The Country

December 5, 2018

Bob is an ambitious leader and professional as well as an expert in marketing and negotiating real estate to maximize profit for his buyers and sellers. Driven by a passion to help others and a strong moral compass, Bob holds a spotless real estate record that he attributes to the winning formula upon which he has built his career and his team: Integrity, Knowledge, Results. This formula has served him, his clients, and his team members well for over 40 years.

Bob has more than 200 Lucido team members across the country; recognized by REAL Trends and The Wall Street Journal as the #1 real estate team in the country across all brokerages. In 2017 Bob's team sold over 2100 homes.

Podcast Highlights 

  • If you are not growing your dying so always be growing
  • Build a killer system then duplicate it
  • Your reputation and integrity defines you so guard it fiercely

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Ryan O’Neil - Build A Team That Does Over 1700+ Transactions/Yr

November 28, 2018

Ryan O'Neil shares how he built a team that will do over $439M in real estate in 2018. Ryan knows his success is a result of building a great brand, a solid reputation, and a ton of goodwill with all of his agents and client base.


The youngest of five O’Neill siblings, Ryan grew up in New Prague, Minnesota and went on to graduate from the University of Notre Dame in 1997. As the founder and leader of The Minnesota Real Estate Team, Ryan began his real estate career in 2003 with an emphasis on investment property. Over the years, Ryan is honored to have worked with so many outstanding clients from around the entire Twin Cities area in all types of real estate transactions. And currently, as the Broker and Sales Manager for the team, Ryan enjoys working with team members to ensure each and every client has a positive and successful experience when working with The Minnesota Real Estate Team. Ryan is also half of the piano playing duo, “The O’Neill Brothers.” Ryan, his wife Kathy, and dog Pokey live in the Bloomington area.

Podcast Highlights

  • Success is following your heart and what motivates you
  • Success in real estate is less about selling and more about adding value
  • Great leaders are open to hear other voices

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Follow Your Passion with Wayne Johnson

November 13, 2018

Wayne Johnson is the president at Lafayette Pictures. Wayne started out his entertainment career in 1999 as a screenwriter. Mr. Johnson is an optioned screenwriter who has written on assignment for Producers, Studios, and Actors. Mr. Johnson wrote an original DC Comics Warner Brothers Picture's Green Lantern script for Sunrise Entertainment.

Wayne Johnson continues to concentrate his creative energies into screenwriting and producing screenplays for development and production for the small and big screen.

Mr. Wayne Johnson started his Lafayette Pictures production company in 2006 after deciding to venture away from screenwriting and focusing more on the film and television production. Mr. Johnson has since been the Producer of several independent films and Assistant / Associate / Development producer on several major productions.

Podcast Highlights

  • Life is too short, do what you love
  • When you get stuck don't quit, pivot
  • Get ideas out of your head and make them a reality

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Brandon Bruce COO, Co-founder at Cirrus Insight

October 30, 2018

Brandon Bruce grew up in a tiny California town of 800 people where he only had one classmate at a school with no running water. He went from these humble beginnings to now co-founding and growing Cirrus Insight to $12 million in annual revenue, 65 employees, and #41 on the Inc. 500 list.

Cirrus Insight is the highest rated sales platform of all-time for perfectly connecting Gmail and Outlook with Salesforce. Since launching in 2011, it’s been a roller coaster of success and setbacks, and Brandon’s philosophy for operating Cirrus is similar to his love of competing in 500+ mile ultra-endurance races - you aren’t going to win at the start or in a sprint at the end. Success is a war of consistency and persistence, and he has always enjoyed that.

Brandon has grown Cirrus as a lightly-funded distributed company via scrappy tactics in the same industry as billion-dollar software companies and competitors with tens of millions in funding. Today, Cirrus is in the middle of their biggest challenge yet - pivoting for the first time in seven years after losing their primary marketing channel as the #1 app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Podcast Highlights

  • Hire employees who want to be founders. They bring passion to the job
  • Crowdsource new ideas from your clients that way become more relevant 
  • Hire generalists because they can wear many hats

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Joel Harrison Musician and Composer

October 26, 2018

Joel Harrison is one of the first artists to have bridged the worlds of jazz, classical, Americana, and traditions from India and Africa. Born in Washington D.C. the guitarist, composer, arranger, lyricist, vocalist, and songwriter began his search for new sounds in the early 1980’s with stints in Boston and the Bay Area.

Named a Guggenheim Fellow in 2010, Joel has long been recognized as a risk taker, someone who never stands still. Harrison is a two-time winner of the Jazz Composer’s Alliance Composition Competition and has received support and awards from Chamber Music America, Meet the Composer, the Flagler Cary Trust, NYSCA, New Music USA, and the Jerome Foundation.  He has released 17 CDs since 1995 as a leader and has appeared high up on the “Rising Star” Downbeat Magazine poll for many years.

Podcast Highlights

  • Being authentic gives you access to your most powerful self
  • Always be learning, that's how you get better
  • Get a mentor it's that fastest way to improve your craft

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Harry Florio, AVP HR at SECU Credit Union

October 15, 2018

Harry Florio is the AVP of Human Resources at SECU Credit Union. His passion is to help his organization build a strong culture that allows employees to reach their potential.

Harry has been a human resources practitioner for over 20 years supporting financial services companies with strategies around talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development. Shortly after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Mr. Florio began focusing on talent development by serving as a technical subject matter expert training employees on new operational workflow systems and then fully transitioning to corporate learning and overall organizational development focusing on soft-skill training, defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plan overviews, continuous process improvement and career coaching.

Podcast Highlights

  • Conflict should be embraced because if done right it helps the team evolve 
  • It's HR's job to get employees to go for greatness
  • Great leaders build an emotional connection with their charges

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Chris Mechanic, CEO and Co-Founder at WebMechanix

October 4, 2018

Chris Mechanic is the CEO and Co-Founder at @WebMechanix. Chris was recently selected as a finalist by Ernst & Young for their Entrepreneur of the Year award. Chris and his partner (Arsham Mirshah) started WebMechanix in the basement of the family home in 2009. They have grown Webmechanix into a prominent digital agency in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Highlights from the podcast:

  • Add a zero to your price. People will pay more than you think.
  • Serve people instead of selling to them. 
  • Making guarantees, When you take a risk the rewards are huge
  • Focus on what distinguishes you from others.
  • Speaking the same language, use the same metrics for sales to the marketing.
  • Focus. Limit the number of initiatives that you take on to one or two at a time.

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Michael Schiff, CEO at The Schiff Home of Keller Williams Legacy

October 2, 2018

Michael received his Bachelors Degree in Business from the University of Florida. He has since ventured back to his hometown of Baltimore, MD and began his Real Estate career in 2004. He has been responsible for over 350 million dollars of residential sales in the past 11 years and has extensive knowledge and experience with Designing, renovating & re-developing homes throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. 

Michael takes great pride in his client relationships and is always willing to go the extra mile to provide exceptional service and care. He is extremely responsive to his clients' needs through instant email communication and automated emails of new listing notifications. Michael is a Live Baltimore Preferred Realtor and 2007 Graduate from the GBBR Leadership Academy. As a young professional, Michael brings his high energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to all aspects of the business.

Podcast Highlights

  • Build and retain strong relationships, this will accelerate your growth
  • Find a model that is successful and follow it. don't reinvent the wheel
  • Be authentic, this is where you are at your most powerful

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Keith Miller, CEO and President at Strategic Factory

September 27, 2018

Keith oversees all company operations from the ground up, His hands-on approach and motivational leadership have been key elements that have contributed to the company’s success. Keith two main areas of focus are company strategy and maintaining and continually improving Strategic Factory's culture.

If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that no amount of technology can replace the human touch. That's why we hire only the most qualified individuals to serve on our team. We look for people that share our philosophy that your business is our business.

Our team of diversely skilled professionals continually push themselves to learn and evolve so that we may help you conquer each new challenge on the road to success. Every person on our staff is committed to providing you with the best possible customer service and the highest-quality products. This commitment is reflected in everything we do.


Podcast Highlights

  • Always say YES! It's not rocket science we'll figure out how to make it happen
  • You and your employees must believe anything is possible
  • Every morning our employees highlight a story of another employee going above and beyond
  • Build strong relationships because this is the pathway to reach higher levels of success

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Seth Dailey, Operating Partner at Keller Williams Gateway

September 24, 2018
Seth Dailey, CRS, is a successful REALTOR and entrepreneurial leader with two decades of professional experience in a variety of arenas. He began his career in financial consulting as a CPA, where he provided strategic insight to business owners and individuals. Today, Seth leads the Baltimore-based brokerage, Keller Williams Gateway, with 175 agents and The Dailey Group, a highly successful real estate team he founded in 2005 with his wife, Alyce.
Seth oversees The Dailey Group's operations, manages the  listing  and  selling  process,  structures  complicated  transactions  and  negotiates  on  behalf of our clients to ensure that their interests are well-represented. So often, real estate transactions  fall  apart  for  lack  of  communication  and  outside-the-box  problem  solving...  and they shouldn’t have to! Seth works hard to make sure they don’t.
Podcast Highlights
  • Change culture by shifting the frequency and the nature of conversations you have with your team
  • Figure out what will make your life worth living
  • MIndset is a key factor in achieving your goals
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Dr. Christophe Morin CEO at Sales brain

September 20, 2018

With over 30 years of marketing and business development experience, Christophe is passionate about understanding and predicting consumer behavior using neuroscience.

Before joining SalesBrain, Christophe was Chief Marketing Officer for rStar Networks, a public company that developed the largest private network ever deployed in US schools. Previously, he was VP of Marketing and Corporate Training for Grocery Outlet Inc, the largest grocery remarketer in the world.

Christophe has received multiple awards during his career. In 2011 and 2103, he received prestigious speaking awards from Vistage International. In 2011. 2014 and 2015 he received Great Mind Research Awards and Distinctions from the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).

Christophe holds a BA in Marketing, an MBA from Bowling Green State University, an MA and a PhD in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University. He is an expert on the effect of advertising on the brains of adolescents and young adults. He is an adjunct faculty member of Fielding Graduate University where he teaches a Masters/ PhD course he created called “The Psychology of Neuromarketing”. He was also a board member of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association from 2011-2016 (NMSBA)

Podcast Highlights

  • Only focus on 3 elements in your marketing message because the primal brain can't focus on more
  • The Why is more important to the primal brain than the How things work
  • Your marketing should magnify the pain-point to ensure the primal brain gets triggered

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Jeremy Walsh CEO at Simply Referable

September 18, 2018

 Jeremy has excelled as an award-winning agent who has sold close to $200 million of real estate in less than a decade. His client-first approach, focus on relationships over transactions, and an extreme level of personal service has not only catapulted his success but resulted in 99 percent of his business coming from referrals.


Jeremy’s passion for working with people and a penchant for providing a superior level of service are the lifeblood of his real estate accomplishments. He and his full-service team are dedicated to providing the ultimate client care experience for buyers, sellers, and renters of all property types in the Maryland and DC area. Jeremy is a complete resource for first-time and repeat homebuyers, lending support and expertise in all areas from mortgage consultations to comparable analysis and value-driven negotiating. Sellers equally benefit from his laser-sharp attention to detail, innovative marketing techniques and strategic pricing that ensure the highest return on their investment.

His number one priority outside of being an outstanding realtor is being an exceptional husband and father. Jeremy is also an avid runner, enjoys golfing, and loves spending free time with his family and friends.

Podcast Highlights

  • Speed is a strategic advantage
  • Your customer service has to come from your heart
  • Make your first hire ASAP so you can free up your time

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Leah Caplanis, CEO Social Sparkling Wine

September 13, 2018

Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at 26, Leah Caplanis chose to heal holistically. When she couldn’t find an alcoholic drink that aligned with her new diet and lifestyle, she decided to create it with the help of expert brewmaster Ray Klimovitz – a 50-year veteran who co-founded Izze Sparkling Soda – and SOCIAL was born!


Launched in 2014, SOCIAL is a delicious organic, low-calorie (only 88 per serving!), gluten-free sparkling sake wine. It is the first alcoholic beverage EVER to include full nutritional content on its label.

While SOCIAL offers a lower calorie, refreshing drink alternative, the brand also encourages people to live healthy, have fun and make the world a better place. SOCIAL gives 1% of proceeds back to charities and Leah’s mission is to empower people to enjoy the fun, social aspects of drinking alcohol while still pursuing their health and wellness goals.

Prior to launching SOCIAL, Leah worked for Nestle USA for eight years in sales & marketing. She received her MBA from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and her bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. More information on SOCIAL can be found at www.socialsparklingwine.com.

Podcast Highlights

  • Survey the marketplace before you pull the trigger
  • Make your suppliers and customers your team members
  • When things get too tough we dance it out. It changes the mood instantly.

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Robert Commodari Founder of The Commodari Group

September 11, 2018

The owner and founder of The Commodari Group Rob has been in business for 15 plus years. Over that time frame, Rob and his team have helped approximately 1300 families fulfill their dream of either buying or selling a home. He specializes in building relationships that last beyond the sale or purchase of your home. Rob takes a personal approach to conduct business as he applies a passionate and sincere interest in helping his clients achieve their goals.

Podcast Highlights

  • If it's worth doing, don't hold back give it your all
  • Tenacity is an essential element of success
  • Be willing to fail its the only way to grow

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Amy Kushner, Director of BizDev at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty

September 6, 2018

Amy Kushner's focus is to help realtors improve their performance. As Director of Business Development, she recruits high performing teams and agents to join the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty family.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty is the leading real estate company serving the Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area and South Central and Southeastern PA. Today, Homesale Realty has more than 28 offices and over 1,100 real estate professionals. According to REALTrends, Homesale Realty is the #28th most successful Realtor in the country in the combined delivery of home services: real estate sales, mortgage closings, title closings, and home warranty sales.

Podcast Highlights

  • Success is on the other side of fear
  • We all have blind spots, find yours because it is costing you a bundle
  • Leaders are self-aware

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Barry Andruschak, National Sales Director at Primerica

September 4, 2018

“Barry was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He has a diploma of Aviation Technology from Selkirk College. After 3 years of trying to make a living as a pilot, he was introduced to the A.L. Williams Corporation, now called Primerica, in 1985. He became Primerica Canada’s first Regional Vice President independent sales agent in 1986. He currently holds the title of National Sales Director and lives with his family in Victoria, BC.

He wrote, “Prospecting and Setting Appointments Made Easy” (available on Amazon) mainly to help introverted salespeople get better results when contacting people for appointments. All proceeds from book sales go to Kidsport to help children play a sport they may not otherwise be able to afford.”

Podcast Highlights

  • Your beliefs drive performance
  • There are 4 types of markets
  • Focus on Analytics to be successful

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Jason Sherman, CEO at Real Living | At Home

August 28, 2018

Jason serves as Principal Broker and CEO of RLAH Real Estate. A seventh generation Washingtonian, Jason graduated from the George Washington University in 2000 and received his J.D. from the Columbus School of Law in 2003. Jason is admitted to both the Maryland and DC bar associations. In 2004 he joined a well-established title company where he practiced until founding RLAH Real Estate in the fall of 2012.

In addition to his duties for RLAH Real Estate, Jason involves himself as much as possible with the real estate community. He moderates seminars teaches classes and serves on multiple committees for GCAAR; including his role as Chair of the Forms Committee (2017). Jason also served on the Board of Directors for GCAAR (2015-2017) and Bright MLS (2017- present). Jason is also a member of DCAR and NVAR.

When Jason is not working, he enjoys time with his wife, two children, two dogs, and two horses. He is also an avid swimmer.

Podcast Highlights

  • Its a volatile time in our industry, don't fight it embrace it
  • Introverts make great realtors
  • To succeed you must have faith in yourself

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