Episode 011 Doug Miller, CEO, Strategic Sales Search

January 11, 2018

Doug Miller is the CEO at Strategic Sales Search. Strategic Sales Search has helped technology companies build world-class sales and marketing teams. We help companies find a hidden talent pool of sales and marketing pro’s every day. These highly effective pros are hidden because they are blind to job boards and postings because they are too busy making quota.



Never give up. Always keep going

Go early, stay late and hard work. This is how you achieve greatness

Build an effective sales process and continually improve it

Your mindset is a key to success

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 Podcast Transcript


Hello, everyone, I'm really happy today to have Doug Miller the C.E.O. of Strategic Sales Search. Doug welcome to the program.

Douglas. Thank you.

Host. So Doug in ninety seconds tell us who you are and what you do?

Douglas. So I run a thirty-year-old search firm that specializes in placing sales pre-sales marketing talent and leadership talent with technology companies, and we’ve been in it for a long time and we really help tech companies build world-class sales teams that accelerate revenue and increase stakeholder value.

Host. So one of the things I was looking at Doug was that it turns out there are three hundred thousand plus recruiters in the US. How do you rank up?

Douglas. I'm in the Top seventy-five it's the pinnacle society it's the top tier of that industry.

Host. Like the top one percent of the one percent.

Douglas. The top one percent yes exactly.

Host. So Douglas tell us who's your favorite superhero?

Douglas. If Rocky counts as a superhero he would probably be my the early rocky not the not the …

Host. Right so what do you like, what spoke to you about that character?

Douglas. I’m always a fan of the underdog. Always a fan of people who keep getting up no matter how hard it is.

Host. So Doug what motivates you?

Douglas. I mean I'm driven by you know a lot of things that drive other people but especially driven by making an impact making a difference in the world to make a difference in the world that we can influence.

Host. So we all have mentors and a bunch of them, who is someone that stands out for you?

Douglas. So I was one of those lucky kids who had an awesome family and my dad was always you know my main mentor forever.

Host. So what was the attribute he had that spoke to you?

Douglas. He was a real-life Rocky, he was the you know, the underdog. It wasn't you know from a little town in West Virginia you know it's one of those kinds of stories that. did some big things and I’m proud to be a son and he was always someone I looked up to.
Host. Brilliant, so Doug if you could have lunch with somebody alive today or somebody from history would that be and what would you ask them?

Douglas. This is probably a little crazy but I would like to sit down, I would like to have lunch with Lincoln just to see what that was like day-to-day going through that period.

Host. That adventure and what was the attribute that speaks to you?

Douglas. He was another one just against all odds, kept going I don’t know how many times actually lost different elections


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