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Kevin Snow on CEO Effectiveness

Kevin Snow on CEO Effectiveness

May 24, 2022


The co-host of the top-100 Apple Podcast, Growth Mode, and CEO of Time On Target, Kevin Snow is a sales expert and a serious technology geek who knows how to help his clients take their automation game to the next level and is changing the game of business development.




With a 20-year career working with brands like Frontier Communications, Nextel, Salesforce, and BNI, his knowledge, skills and understanding of communication and technology are getting real results for the businesses he works with. Kevin knows how to integrate digital technology with your sales process in an authentic, professional way. He’ll show you what you’ve been missing in terms of ensuring an effective system of outreach, and trust-building. 


Part entrepreneur, part salesperson, part networker, part technology master and part Star Wars fan…how can you afford not to have Kevin on your team this year?


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Creig Northrop on How To Build A Great Team

Creig Northrop on How To Build A Great Team

May 19, 2022


Creig Northrop has been the #1 realtor in the US three times in his career. he has a personal passion for real estate – unlike any other. Just like Michael Jordan loves basketball, Bill Gates loves software, and Warren Buffett loves the stock market, Creig loves real estate. Every one of these successful people loves what they do and that is why they can create amazing results in their fields. Passion can give you the competitive edge because it gives you stamina. Passion is the fuel that keeps you going when your competition is ready to quit or gets complacent.



Creig began my team with a vision; to be the best in the industry - integrity and unquenchable drive are the stepping stones that have made The Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster Real Estate one of the most productive and successful Teams in real estate history. The Team began with a special focus on Howard County – and has now expanded to nine additional Maryland counties including Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Frederick, Harford, Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Washington, D.C.


Podcast Highlights:

  • Build a strong foundation or you have nothing to stand on
  • Pick a big goal and go for it
  • Energy is contagious make sure yours is high
  • Reach one, teach one is one of our guiding philosophies (make sure you listen to this section on the podcast)


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Joanne Bolt on 5 Ways To Make Average Agents Great!

Joanne Bolt on 5 Ways To Make Average Agents Great!

May 17, 2022


The “Real Boss” part of my brand is a combination of life experiences both at home and in my career.  Some of those experiences were heartbreaking.  Like being abducted from my office from a 'potential buyer'.  Some are amazing-like figuring out how to be both the boss and a mom at the same time.




The "Women" part of my brand is simple.  I love to work with women.  I spent most of my corporate years in the presence of men and found myself working out of town, all hours and not enjoying life.  When I moved to real estate I again worked with mostly men.  And yet women make up 65% of the real estate industry.  I found myself leaning into mentoring other women in the offices I was in.  And realized that I could show them the sh*t the men couldn't.  Like what to wear on an appointment.  How to script your way OUT of being hit on, and how to earn more than the men while working WAYYY less hours and WAYYY more efficiently. I can show you too boo.  Just lean in.  

Real estate is so easy it's hard, especially as a woman (because we tend to make things harder than they have to be).  If you're married with kids, a single mom struggling to pay the bills, just getting started in the real estate biz after taking years off to raise babies, or leaving a corporate job for the new found freedom of being an entrepreneur I can help you. 

If I show you anything it's that you can do it. I'm here for you.


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Brian Wolfs on Effective Leadership

Brian Wolfs on Effective Leadership

May 12, 2022


Brian Wolfs is an experienced organic B2B marketing and lead generation expert.  He takes pride in providing the best LinkedIn outreach strategies possible.




He has worked in the digital marketing industry for over 5 years, gaining experience in B2B client acquisition utilizing LinkedIn as a primary tool. Through pinpoint targeting accuracy and compelling messaging, Brian’s unique system has generated success across several niches and industries. 


His passion for helping others grow their businesses effortlessly has been the foundation of his marketing career. With his unique Done For You / Done With You, Money Back Guarantee system, his clients tend to recoup their investment back within 30 days.


Brian is sharing his system with other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs so they too can acquire their ideal clients without cold calling, running ads, or relying on referrals.


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Tamara Stone on Building A Strong Team Culture

Tamara Stone on Building A Strong Team Culture

May 10, 2022


Together with her sister, Tamara cofounded the Stone Sisters Group in Kelowna British Columbia in 2005. She is a highly energetic and positive person who loves inspiring clients and new realtors.


Raised In a real estate family, Tamara learned negotiating and marketing strategies around the dinner table. Today the Stone Sisters have a team of 15 that help people to love where they live.


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Ben Sweet on Building a Strong Real Estate Team

Ben Sweet on Building a Strong Real Estate Team

May 5, 2022


Having been an agent for almost 20 years in Calgary, Ben has seen the best and the worst of Calgary Real Estate. He attributes his level of success to his dogged determination, refusal to quit and an extensive sense of humor.




Ben's ability to strategize, systematize and focus on the best end results always ensure the clients end up more than happy. Over his career he has built a business and a team that is very customer service and marketing. The focus is always on exceeding expectations, and he does.


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Jon Fraser on The Power of Coaching

Jon Fraser on The Power of Coaching

May 3, 2022







Jon has over 35 years of experience in sales and leadership across a diverse portfolio of industries and geographies, most recently as VP of sales for a leadership development company where he facilitated the engagement of a talented team that helps leaders and their teams convert pressure to excellence through learning experiences that cross-pollinate the best ideas from sport, academia, business and government. 




He has a wealth of experience working with companies at various stages of the growth curve, from fast moving start-ups, to established organizations that wanted to re-imagine themselves. In addition to 25+ years of coaching and mentoring, Jon also has a wealth of experience in senior leadership positions responsible for strategy, operations and growth. 


He is passionate about helping others grow and develop themselves and brings a wealth of experience both in coaching and business strategy to his clients. Jon currently divides his time between his home in the south of France and lakeside cabin in Ontario, Canada.


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Ira Wolfe on Why Adaptability Is A Critical Skill For Leadership

Ira Wolfe on Why Adaptability Is A Critical Skill For Leadership

April 28, 2022

Ira S Wolfe is a “Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body” and the world’s first Chief Googlization Officer. He is president of Poised for the Future Company (DBA Success Performance Solutions.)




Fueled by his fierce passion for technology and its impact on people, Ira S. Wolfe has emerged as one of HR’s most visionary thinkers and influencers on the future of work, jobs, and talent acquisition. Thinkers360 has recognized Ira as the #1 Thought Leader on Future of Work and #3 on Human Resources.

Ira is an accomplished speaker/author. He has presented on the prestigious red carpet of TEDx and stages of DisruptHR.  Ira is a frequent presenter at events including SHRM’s Talent and Annual Conference, HR Southwest, and many regional and state events.  He is the author of several books including his most recent, the 2nd edition of Recruiting in the Age of Googlization, which was selected by Book Authority as one of the all-time best HR and Recruiting books.

Ira is the host of the popular weekly Geeks Geezers and Googlization Show, a contributor to CornerstoneOnDemand’s ReWork, and frequent expert guest on podcasts, TV, and radio.


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Mitch Parker on How To Build A High Performance Real Estate Team

Mitch Parker on How To Build A High Performance Real Estate Team

April 26, 2022

Hi I’m Mitch, an energetic and passionate real estate marketing, sales, and investment expert who’s been featured and quoted by top media outlets across Canada and the US such as Canada Am, CTV Television, Sirius XM, Huffington Post and I currently sit on the Forbes Business Development Council.


With a degree in business and a specialization in Finance, I entered the real estate industry in 2006 as an investor purchasing student rental properties near universities and colleges in Ottawa. Those purchases ultimately led me to obtain a real estate license for both my own transactions and to help teach others how to build wealth through real estate.

After a decade selling on the client side, I transitioned to working with developers in 2017, assisting in the sales and marketing of large scale residential developments. From successfully selling out a unique seniors housing development marketed as a passive, fully managed investment to getting stalled developments back on track to hit critical sales milestones, I’ve quickly made a large impact in the industry utilizing and expanding my wide range of skills.


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William Wang on How to Build a Lead Generation Machine

William Wang on How to Build a Lead Generation Machine

April 21, 2022

Are you depending on word of mouth, referrals and your network to grow your business?


While we’re big fans of leads from these channels, the problem is that they can be up and down, and don’t generate leads consistently.

This makes it harder to predictably and consistently grow your revenue and your business.

That’s where we come in…

We help B2B businesses build a pipeline of qualified leads and turn those leads into high value clients.



We’re not a "typical" marketing agency that tries to run your Facebook Ads for $2,500 a month and then pats ourselves on the back for increasing your “likes” or “getting your brand out there”.

We measure our results in leads, clients, and REVENUE - and for our clients we GUARANTEE results. After all, marketing should be a strategic INVESTMENT and not a gamble.


To get those results, we:

  • Get you in front of your “ideal” leads (and get their attention)
  • Create the right messaging and positioning to help you stand out and position your product/service as the ONLY choice for them and
  • Implement systems and processes to turn as many of those leads into long term, high value clients as possible


We’ve helped:

  • An IT company get noticed by 90% of their “dream 100” leads, and get responses from 60% of them
  • A B2B financial services company book meeting with CEO’s from listed companies, generate new clients within 30 days and build a multi-million dollar pipeline (in less than 60 days)
  • A publication increase their monthly sales by over 30% in 90 days, and increase their average client value from $3,500 to over $12,000


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Luke Charlton on How To Get High-Paying Clients

Luke Charlton on How To Get High-Paying Clients

April 19, 2022

In 2013, Luke Charlton (AKA: The Aussie Hermit) decided to quit his
comfortable 6-figure/yr government job, move halfway around the world,
and start an online business as a Coach.




Thinking he knew enough about marketing to survive in one of the most
expensive cities in the world (London), he quickly realized this online
thing wasn’t as easy as it looked. Through years of trial and error
struggling and nearly going bankrupt, Luke finally discovered the
formula for online success now helping over 4,000 Coaches grow their
business online.

Along with that, he's been featured in “6-Figure Coach” magazine, spent
in excess of $16 million on advertising, banked $50M+ in sales for his
clients, and has been hired by top ad agencies to write copy for experts
such as... Bob Proctor, Mike Dillard, Neil Patel, Grace Lever, Ryan
Moran and many more.

Now he spends his days as a hermit living somewhere near Byron Bay,
teaching other Coaches how to get a lot of clients sending just one 15-
minute email per day, which he’d love to share with your audience...


Luke’s Epic Resource List
Top link:

The 9 Email Offers that Get Clients Free:

(Includes bonus “1-Sentence Offer” gift. Just email Luke and ask)

The 15 Minute Client Workshop:
(Reveals Luke's complete daily email client attraction system for free)

The Hermit Hole:
(A private community with more free trainings from Luke)

Contact Luke:
Vlad Katz on How To Make Team Leaders Wildly Successful

Vlad Katz on How To Make Team Leaders Wildly Successful

April 14, 2022




So how do you do that? How do you maximize the difference you want to make on this ball of fire we call Earth? Well... I don't have "the answer", but I do have an answer: you achieve Time Freedom and help others walk the same path.

Why Time Freedom?

It's simple. When you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it (and assuming that you agree with my statement above about difference maximization), your thoughts and actions will naturally flow towards your passions instead of how to close the next sale so you can send your kid to college. Of course, we do what we have to do in order to provide for ourselves and our loved ones! But what if we didn't? What if you had the assets and cash flows sufficient to cover your lifestyle? What would you do then?

How do we achieve Time Freedom?

Again, it's simple. We transition from the left side of the CashFlow Quadrant to the right. That's where both financial and time freedom live. Yes, it's that simple... Just not easy.

If you're interested in this journey, please google/read Cashflow Quadrant and send me a message, email, text, or a carrier pigeon.

And now for some traditional bio language:

Vlad is obsessed with helping business owners get from their point A to their point B on the way to their point Z.

Vlad is a real estate entrepreneur and a business leader. He is a highly sought out speaker and presenter on all things real estate brokerage, agent recruiting, and profitability.

Prior to joining eXp Realty, Vlad was the CEO of the Five Doors Network - one of the biggest real estate expansion organizations in US. In his tenure at Five Doors, Vlad and his team returned the company to profitability and created a path for growth.

Prior to that, Vlad had a successful career at Keller Williams, starting as a top-producing agent and assumed the role of Team Leader (aka CEO) of the newly-launched Keller Williams Legacy in 2014. Under his leadership, the Legacy Market Center grew from 59 associates to over 400 in less than three years— becoming the fastest-growing real estate office in the nation and the number one real estate office by size, units, and volume in the Baltimore Metro Area.

Prior to his career in real estate, Vlad was an Economist for a major U.S. Government Agency, a small business owner and an adjunct professor of Management. He holds a degree in Economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland in College Park.


Contact Vlad:

Rob Chevez On How To Be An Effective Leader

Rob Chevez On How To Be An Effective Leader

April 12, 2022

I'm married and I have a little girl that is not so little anymore. I grew up in a Foreign Service family and I was lucky enough to live in awesome countries like Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Australia and Jamaica before settling down in the US.




My wife and I have been buying and selling real estate since 1999. We cut our teeth by buying a little townhouse in Merrifield, VA, which later become our first rental. Over the last 14 years we have personally bought and sold close to 50 properties and our real estate team has helped hundreds of families buy and sell real estate the smarter way. We love real estate!



My specialty is helping sellers make more money when they sell their home. After looking at thousands of houses I can now look at a home and help a seller come up with a strategy based on their goals to help them "NET" the most money possible. Nothing drives me crazier than when I see sellers and agents making bad decisions that will only lead to a poor outcome for the seller.


I launched The CAZA Group of Keller Williams Realty to help buyers and sellers make smarter real estate decisions that impact their bottom line with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.


Contact Rob:

Barry Williams On Evergreen Leadership Skills

Barry Williams On Evergreen Leadership Skills

April 7, 2022

Barry F. Williams is the president of the Barry F. Williams Consulting group, which specializes in Education; Work Force Development; Recreation and Parks; and Medical Cannabis as an industry. Barry had been a leader in each of those fields throughout his long professional career.




Additionally, Barry was a trainer with the National Coalition of Building Institutes, a progressive training model that works to identify and eradicate the isms in the work place and in schools. Barry is also trained in Mediation and Conflict Transformational Skills, with a focus on Fundamentals from a Relational Approach.


Barry serves on many boards, including the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Greater Central YMCA, St. Frances School Board, Baltimore Area Council Boy Scouts, Baltimore Blast, Maryland State Fair and Agriculture Center, Pikesville Armory Foundation, and the One Thousand Friends of Pikesville. Barry received his Masters in Education for Counseling and in Administration and Supervision from Loyola College (now University).

Isaac Verge on How to Build a Winning Culture in Your Organization

Isaac Verge on How to Build a Winning Culture in Your Organization

April 5, 2022
I am an expert investor who has the knowledge and personal experience of owning multi-family and single-family homes. I offer guidance that my clients can depend on with expertise in share-sales, apartment buildings, and mixed-use commercial buildings. I am ready to help you grow your portfolio.
Contact Isaac:
Ashley Garrison on Getting Sales Development and Sales Operations To Play Well Together

Ashley Garrison on Getting Sales Development and Sales Operations To Play Well Together

March 31, 2022

Ashley Garrison is the Director of Sales Operations and Sales Development for Baker Hill.  Founded in 1984 by a dynamic husband and wife team, Baker Hill’s ultimate goal is to “make lending easy”---for banks, credit unions, and their customers.  




The Baker Hill NextGen® platform allows financial institutions to originate commercial, small business and consumer loans and manage risk on a single platform. Using the latest technology, Baker Hill helps banks and credit unions address regulatory and competitive pressures while delivering the very best digital customer experience. 


Throughout Ashley’s time at Baker Hill, she has streamlined sales operations, grown sales development revenue by 300%, and empowered new organizational talent.  Throughout her career at Osram Sylvania, Standard Locknut, and now Baker Hill, Ashley has always been a self-proclaimed “sales nerd,” diving into new technology to support innovation and drive efficiency.  As a daughter of career educators, she would tell you her greatest accomplishment is when one of her employees is promoted and finds a path to leadership thanks to her guidance.  While she wears multiple hats at Baker Hill, Ashley’s most important and treasured role is being “mom” to her two daughters, Lilly and Gwen.


Contact Ashley:

David Masover on Building an Effective Sales Process

David Masover on Building an Effective Sales Process

March 22, 2022

David Masover is an author, speaker, and thought leader in the B2B sales space. For over 30 years he has worked in large and small sales organizations in positions from sales rep to executive, and this has allowed him to refine and perfect the innovative and effective B2B sales and sales management techniques and strategies he teaches today.




David was one of the co-founders of in 1999 (acquired by Bel USA), the world's first and at one time largest online platform for customized promotional products. David now works as a private practice sales consultant.

David is the author of three books on sales process, a prolific content creator on LinkedIn, the host of The Sales Team Success Formula™ podcast, and is a self described sales and sales process geek.


Contact David:

Ali Davar On The Power Of Process To Accelerate Business Growth

Ali Davar On The Power Of Process To Accelerate Business Growth

March 18, 2022

Ali understands that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-altering, emotional experience. That is why in today’s market who you work with matters more than ever. Ali prides himself on his level of personal service and attention to his clients’ every detail. He is a highly-seasoned real estate professional and is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all of his clients.




Ali takes great pride in the relationships he builds and will always work relentlessly on the client’s behalf to help them achieve their real estate and investment goals. He represents the best and brightest in the industry, and consistently strives to lead the field in real estate market knowledge, technology, innovation, and consumer education. Today’s buyers and sellers need a trusted resource that can guide them through the complex world of real estate. With Ali’s extensive knowledge and commitment to providing only the best and most timely information to his clients, he is your go-to source for real estate industry insight and advice.


Contact Ali:

Darin Dawson on How to Increase Revenue with Video Messaging

Darin Dawson on How to Increase Revenue with Video Messaging

February 3, 2022

Darin Dawson is the Co-Founder and President of BombBomb, a Human-Centered Communication Platform that enables users to use simple, personal video messages to leverage their best asset themselves. Darin leads all sales, marketing, customer success and product development at BombBomb, a fast-growing, Colorado-based software company.


He’s on a mission to re-humanize the planet and he wants to start with your business communication. He believes that human beings have intrinsic value and that every person deserves to be seen, heard and understood. That’s why he co-founded BombBomb.


  • Going up-market from B2C to B2B, from VSB and SMB to Mid-Market and enterprise
  • All things real estate and prop tech
  • Customer experience and its impact on customer lifetime value
  • Discovering and refining ideal customer fit
  • Growing from $0 to $20M in annual recurring revenue … and beyond
  • The role of a clear mission and core values in building a team, company, and community


Contact Darin:

Elyse Archer on Connecting with People from the Heart

Elyse Archer on Connecting with People from the Heart

February 1, 2022

Elyse Archer is the founder of She Sells, a coaching program and community for women in sales who are breaking through six figures and revolutionizing the way sales is done.  A thought leader whose insights have been featured in major media including Forbes and Inc.


Elyse is passionate about empowering women to sell in a way that leverages their natural gifts, and helps them build wealth along the way.  She is an international keynote speaker and host of She Sells Radio, where she shares best practices from female entrepreneurs and sales professionals who have accomplished extraordinary goals. 

Prior to founding She Sells, Elyse served as a Partner in an 8-figure international sales coaching organization, where she helped sales professionals achieve their goals.

Outside of She Sells Elyse is also a founding team member of Brand Builders Group, a personal branding strategy firm.  Her client list includes New York Times bestselling authors, top 100 podcast hosts, and 8 figure entrepreneurs, as well as leaders who are earlier in their journey and committed to scaling their influence, impact and income. 


Contact Elyse:

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