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Aaron Rawlake Listening Is A Super Power

Aaron Rawlake Listening Is A Super Power

September 29, 2022

Aaron Rawlake has been a realtor for 8 years and is a co-owner at Century 21 Drive in Lloydminster SK, CAN. 




After a career in the banking industry Aaron seized the opportunity for a career change that allowed him to continue to follow his passion of connecting with people and helping them succeed.

Married to Trisha with two college aged children, Avery (21) and Aidan (18). Being a realtor allows Aaron to have the work/life balance everyone seeks. Active in the local spotting community, Aaron is the assistant coach of the Lakeland College Men's Volleyball team and Co-Chair of the 2024 Saskatchewan Summer Games which will see 2400 athletes and over 4000 volunteers come to Lloydminster for 10 days in July 2024.


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A Conversation With Todd Bickerton - Realtor Businessman

A Conversation With Todd Bickerton - Realtor Businessman

September 27, 2022

A native of the riverfront community of Gananoque, Todd spent 18 years as a nation-wide sales representative and Vice President for the family’s brokerage business until pursuing his passion into real estate.




He is intimately familiar with the renowned 1000 Islands region of the majestic St. Lawrence River and her glacial scape of pitch pine and pink granite. In his opinion, there is no more an ideal location in which to raise a family or relax in retirement.


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Gregory Enright On Overcoming Fear And Rejection And Become A Superstar Realtor

Gregory Enright On Overcoming Fear And Rejection And Become A Superstar Realtor

September 22, 2022

Greg is proud to be a resident and businessman of Kingston. He is a member of the National Real Estate Association, the largest real estate association in North America. As a certified Real Estate Broker, with a CRB designation, Greg is well qualified to assist you with all of your real estate needs.




Greg has received numerous achievement awards for listing and Real Estate sales. He has been awarded multiple Centurion Awards* as well as the prestigious Hall of Fame Award** for Century 21. He was also leader of the number one sales team in Canada. Those who know Greg attribute his incredible success to his strong work ethic, his knowledge of the Kingston and area market place, and his tremendous service to customers and clients.


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Jan Crowley Gave Us 10 Tips On How To Become An Effective Realtor

Jan Crowley Gave Us 10 Tips On How To Become An Effective Realtor

September 20, 2022

As a full-time Realtor, partner, mom of four and coach, I practice what I preach. I believe in the commitment to balancing our lives.




I believe that our confidence and freedom come from our ability to embrace transparency and passion. Helping people get to that place of strength and confidence absolutely lights me up and we get there by understanding what you truly desire and then we get after it in a way that feels right to you! 


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Kay Miller Shares Sales Secrets That Will Ignite Your Sales

Kay Miller Shares Sales Secrets That Will Ignite Your Sales

September 15, 2022

Kay Miller is an expert on Uncopyable Sales. As the first woman ever hired for outside sales by Emerick, a division of Anchor Hocking, she built her formidable sales career by emphasizing long-term relationships over one-time deals.




Kay was later hired by Walker Exhaust, a division of Tenneco, and the largest automotive muffler manufacturer in the world. While there, she was named Walker’s Salesperson of the Year, an accolade that earned her the nickname “Muffler Mama.”


Kay has been a top sales performer ever since, and now speaks and consults. She’s the author of the new book, Uncopyable Sales Secrets – How to Create an Unfair Advantage and Outsell Your Competition. The book has been called “The most fun sales book you’ve ever read,” and is packed with powerful strategies as well as specific actions you can start using immediately to make more sales.


Kay lives outside Seattle with her husband, Steve, and cat, Sam. Her favorite activities include skiing, hiking, and spending time with their adult daughter, Kelly.


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Nick Montaleone on Using Systems To Build A Thriving Business

Nick Montaleone on Using Systems To Build A Thriving Business

September 13, 2022

Hello, My name is Nick Montaleone, and I am a proud Husband, Father, and Real Estate Broker in the Windsor-Essex County area. I started my career as an agent at a young age but then choose a different path which lead me to become a Paramedic.




After nine years of dedicating my life to helping others as a Paramedic, life lead me back to Real Estate. My parents have been in the business for over 33 years and have taught me a lot through the years. My father Joe is the Broker of Record at Century 21 Showtime Realty where I manage our team, “Team Monty.”


I take great pride in our team and what we have created. We strive to put our clients first and always be there for them wherever they may need us. With the market changes, it is important for us as realtors to always educate ourselves on the market and guide our clients in the right direction. When I am away from the office, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and 2 adorable boys. There is nothing more important to me than family, and I love spending as much time as I can with them.


I’m looking forward to what the future holds in store for us and am excited to continue to build Team Monty!


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Jonathan Armoyan Shares 5 Tactics To Become A Better Salesperson

Jonathan Armoyan Shares 5 Tactics To Become A Better Salesperson

September 8, 2022

Jonathan Armoyan has been involved in the real estate industry for generations. Between Halifax and Eastern Canada, Jonathon has seen the building blocks of ultimate success in the Real Estate industry.




However, spurred by the advice from his family that only travel will inspire the mind to build bigger and better, Jonathan understood he needed to leave Canada to gain a crucial change of perspective. Jonathan pursued a Business Finance Degree from Florida Atlantic University. While refining his business acumen in Florida, Jonathan also thrived in professional MMA gyms like American Top Team. Once his time came to finish in Florida, Jonathan returned to Halifax, Nova Scotia and completed his degree in Finance from Saint Mary’s University. After his studies, Jonathon took on the task of working as a Project Coordinator with Armco – under the strict scrutiny of his uncle, CEO and founder of Armco Capital, George Armoyan.


Under this time, Jonathan tested his financial education and his affinity for elite performance taught in his time training mixed martial arts, while learning the ins and outs of the real estate trade from Armco Capital. Off the momentum of approval from Armco Capital, Jonathan understood it was time to show that it was his first name, not his last name, that was going to drive him to success. So, Jonathan channeled his desire and intuitive interests of real estate, finance, performance, and competition and decided to enter the world of realty.


Since joining the fleet of realtors with Royal LePage Atlantic, Jonathan has already been awarded three awards for his high performance in the Halifax Market: Diamond, President’s Gold, and Rookie of the Year. He continues to thrive and remain very hungry for the next best deal, the next best buy, and the ultimate satisfaction of all parties in a deal well done.


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Matthew Stibbe on Creating Marketing Magic

Matthew Stibbe on Creating Marketing Magic

September 6, 2022

Matthew Stibbe is a serial entrepreneur, marketing maven, writer, pilot, and wine enthusiast.  But not necessarily in that order.  He created marketing strategies, content and campaigns for clients including Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn and HP and contributed to Wired, Forbes and Popular Science.



Currently, he is CEO at Articulate Marketing, a UK marketing agency specializing in the technology sector.  Also, his geek credentials are strong. Previously, he was founder and CEO at Intelligent Games, a 70-person computer games company where he designed games for LEGO and produced two games based on Dune.


Matthew also has his commercial pilots license and an advanced wine diploma. (Have you seen the film Somm? Like that!)  At some point in the previous millennium, he studied history at Oxford University.  These days, he blogs about modern management at, about marketing at and wine at


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Julia Block Pearson on How To Use Creative Marketing For Better Customer Experience

Julia Block Pearson on How To Use Creative Marketing For Better Customer Experience

September 1, 2022

Marketing your business can feel like a bad game of darts when you’re struggling to find leads and generate content. Julia Block Pearson and her team at Stratos Creative Marketing create story-telling marketing strategies that increase your revenue and keep your business top-of-mind.




Julia also hosts the Marketing in the Wild podcast where she explores the good, bad, and wild of marketing. A resident of Salt Lake City UT, Julia spends many of her weekends and non-working moments hiking in the mountains with her husband, four-month old daughter and three dogs (which is two too many).


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Adam Healey on How To Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Adam Healey on How To Boost Your Team’s Productivity

August 30, 2022

I am passionate about helping my clients work through the process of buying or selling their home. With years of experience in sales, I know how to finalize deals and ease the transition of one home to another. Moving can be very stressful.




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Nadanne Hartwell on How Creativity Can Help You Become An Exceptional Leader

Nadanne Hartwell on How Creativity Can Help You Become An Exceptional Leader

August 25, 2022

I have spent my life with multiple successful careers. I have been a real estate agent for over thirty years, albeit not always full-time. I have had a painting business, Painter Girls for 17 years while also painting on film sets as a scenic painter.




Throughout all of my careers my primary focus and source of great satisfaction has been helping people. I have found that most of my clients are drawn to me to help enable them to work through their life issues. My ADHD has encouraged me to explore many modalities of self-help, especially hypnosis and energy work. When I get relaxation time I enjoy travel, sailing and unwinding with friends.


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Eryn Richardson on Building A Successful Real Estate Business

Eryn Richardson on Building A Successful Real Estate Business

August 23, 2022
Eryn Richardson’s successful career journey has brought him to Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd. and the world of real estate. His career began working as a retail salesperson and he was quickly promoted to manager, then director of several retail stores including the family-owned National Sports Centre and Toys R Us. However, retail was not his future.
In 2005, Eryn acquired his real estate license. He soon partnered with Richard Gibb to form “The Home Team”. They quickly became the top team at Century 21 Heritage Group. In 2014, the team was inducted into the Centurion Honour Society for consistent top team production in Canada. 
Pam Prescott  Founder/President of Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd. recognized Eryn’s exceptional management and technical skills. In 2015, Eryn took on the position of General Manager. In 2020, Eryn became partners with Pam and is the Vice President and  Managing Partner of Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd. The firm has now grown to over 700 agents and in 2021 placed 15 in the world for company production.
Eryn has learned that leading by example sets high standards for clients, staff, and REALTORS®. He participated on the Customer Advisory Board for LoneWOLF Technologies from 2018 - 2020. He is currently an MLS® Technology and Related Services Committee Member for TRREB, a Century 21 Technology Advisory Board Member and a NIIT Training Consultant. Eryn has implemented the Century 21 Heritage Group YouTube Training Channel. He also co-hosts a podcast called Living the Dream. All of his experience and knowledge empowers others and Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd to be success it is today. 
As Eryn looks at the future of his career in real estate and of Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd, he believes training, support, service and technology are key components to inspire success.
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Michael Permack on Building Trust

Michael Permack on Building Trust

August 19, 2022

Michael is an expert within the healthcare sector. He provides advice to healthcare professionals and has developed, leased, bought, and sold properties in this sector.




His company has saved healthcare professionals $525 million over his career. Recently he has launched the healthcare investment network to create win win, no conflict, investment opportunities following investment strategies from industry experts to benefit healthcare professionals. Michael is an Ivey MBA graduate and has been an entrepreneur for most of his career. A Governor General Award was awarded to Michael for the volunteer work performed with the Canadian Cancer Society. He also has been recognized with the Medal of Courage from the Canadian Cancer Society.


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Caroline Goyder on Delivering Presentations That Win

Caroline Goyder on Delivering Presentations That Win

August 16, 2022
Caroline's extremely successful TEDx talk has over million views on YouTube and before that she worked for many years interviewing A-list Actors such as Helen Mirren (in case you've never heard of Caroline).
Caroline Goyder's global reputation as a speaker and voice coach is built on her warm, engaging, relaxed and highly practical style, and her expertise honed by her work with actors, teachers, broadcasters and the corporate sector. She worked at the Central School of Speech and Drama as a voice coach for over 10 years before launching her own company. She is regularly sought after by the media as an expert in her field and her work has featured on television and in numerous national and international newspaper articles.
Here are just some of her previous featurings...
  • The Huffington Post
  • Amazon
  • Financial Times
  • Google
  • GRAZIA Magazine
  • Red Magazine
Caroline speaks regularly at Henley Business School, School of Life and London Business Forum. Clients have included news anchors and reporters, actors, CEOS of FTSE 100 and 250 companies, a monarch and TV magicians amongst others.
She was named by Red magazine as one of Britain's top Coaches.
She has compiled all her knowledge regarding speaking into 3 highly rated books namely: The Star Qualities, Gravitas and her most recent, Find Your Voice.
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Conrad Zurini On Building A High Velocity Team

Conrad Zurini On Building A High Velocity Team

August 9, 2022

Growing up in the family business founded by his parents in 1980, Conrad Zurini has developed a real passion for Real Estate and a commitment to improving the overall client experience. With over 20 years of experience in both Selling and Managing, he has had many achievements in both sales performance and industry development.




Born and raised in Hamilton and a graduate of McMaster University, Conrad is an active member of the community and is committed to improving the city where he grew up and in which his business operates today.

He is an integral part of developing affordable housing and city revitalization projects specifically within the Hamilton region. His other areas of focus include; land development, commercial investment and luxury residential properties.

Conrad Zurini is the President and Broker of Record for RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.; servicing the community with its 8 locations. Through his active role in sales, Conrad remains a leader in the industry and maintains a relevant insight into client expectations, market trends and the latest technological advances in Real Estate marketing.

As such, he is better able to train his sales team and all agents at RE/MAX Escarpment to continue to be the top producers in the community. In July 2011, RE/MAX was awarded the JD Power and Associates Award for Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction for both Buyers and Sellers and Conrad has made it his mission to ensure this award keeps coming back to his Company and its Agents.


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Alex Manwaring on Taking Ownership Of Your Success

Alex Manwaring on Taking Ownership Of Your Success

August 2, 2022

Alex Manwaring is the Director of Sales at Privy. He has 6+ years of sales experience, and 3+ years of sales management experience. Prior to Privy, he worked at Mavenlink and Datadog. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his fiancée Brittany and their goldendoodle Daisy.




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Roger Nairn on How To Grow Your Audience

Roger Nairn on How To Grow Your Audience

July 26, 2022


Podcast Agency Leader


Roger is a lateral thinker, problem solver, strategist and finder of new ways. He believes in the power of the happy customer and spent years managing client relationships and building brands for world-famous agencies like DDB and Cossette.




Throughout his career, he’s found himself working with a number of industry giants, including (but certainly not limited to) Netflix, Expedia, Walmart, Nordstrom, Lamborghini, Cineplex, Four Seasons Plus and Vancouver’s own lululemon. On top of all of this, he followed his passions to become a Board Member for TEDxVancouver and has recently become an expert-level toddler wrangler through the magic of parenthood. When he’s not at work, he likes to golf, read and—no surprises here—binge the occasional podcast.


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Rob Commodari on How Positivity Leads To Success

Rob Commodari on How Positivity Leads To Success

July 19, 2022



Rob Commodari of eXp Realty in Perry Hall, Md.




Rob has been in the real estate business for over 21 years now and has a team of 7 people including himself, and they average approximately 100 transactions per year. In 2021 The Commodari Group will close 130 transactions. Rob works primarily by referral and believes that by working by referral you build deeper relationships along the way which in turn helps develop a lifelong business.


Rob comes from a family of 7 siblings growing up in a 745 sqft house in Baltimore City. He is the son of an Italian immigrant and a red-haired German. Rob started working at age 11 delivering newspapers and paid his own tuition through high school and college. He played baseball in college while attending Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fl.


Rob’s mother was diagnosed with dementia several years ago and is dancing for the first time at the Memory Ball to honor his mom and all of those affected by Alzheimer’s. He’s been working hard with his dance partner Nonci Tirado, to compete at high level for this event.


Rob is a passionate guy and one who has learned the value of being transparent. He has read 1000 books over the last 31 years and is an avid student of personal growth and development. Rob wrote his first book, Better Than You Think, which was published in November of 2019 and is the host of his podcast, Chiseled. His passion is to inspire and impact all those he encounters to fulfill their God given potential through his speaking and writing.


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Tom Hoelderle on How A Better Sales Process Increases Your Sales

Tom Hoelderle on How A Better Sales Process Increases Your Sales

July 12, 2022


“The Sales Fixer”

I build and fix sales teams:




I am a sales leader with 30 years of expertise in improving actions that impact profitability. Adept at identifying organizational risk and cost reductions and facilitating strategic sales planning. I am committed to driving exponential growth and motivating people through dynamic strategy, execution, relationship management, and leadership. I have experience building rapport with multi-state private equity, public and global businesses, sales teams, and finance to drive market awareness and generate leads. I can strengthen relationships with clients and influence decisions with C-Suite leaders. I am a trusted advisor who delivers solutions. I specialize in B2B consultative selling and business development.


Contact Tom:


Adam Honig on The Impact Of AI On Sales

Adam Honig on The Impact Of AI On Sales

July 5, 2022


Adam is passionate about helping companies make more money using artificial intelligence, and is the driving force behind Spiro’s pioneering new approach: proactive relationship management. As CEO, he is focused on the company’s overall strategy and vision.




Previously, Adam co-founded a software company which he led through its successful IPO and sale. Afterwards, he founded Innoveer, one of the largest CRM consulting firms, which was successfully acquired by Cloud Sherpas (and then Accenture).


Contact Adam:

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